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For this edition, 3 themes have been selected due to their impact on the evolution of the trucking sector in Morocco.
For each of these three themes a conference will be held as well as a workshop

1) Innovation and industrial know-how:

Morocco, a major actor of the automobile sector, will present its industrial knowhow in order to develop win-win partnerships with local and international operators.

The visitors will discover whole areas and conferences dedicated to innovation with a range of topics such as : safety, the new code, environmental impact, gas prices, regulations…

Among the speakers, the LUTB(Lyon Urban Trucks & Bus) which is a competitive hub of the Rhone Alpes region dealing with the challenges of the current and future urban transportation system.

2) Training

There are in needs in training in the entire sector for various jobs: drivers, technicians, engineers… This step is crucial to the success of the national development plans. Several operators of the sector will present their offers in terms of training that can answer to company’s needs.

3) Norms, rules and regulations

Euro 4, Euro 6, road safety, on the job safety, Highway Code, are all important topics for the industry and services of the sector.

The local authorities as well as other concerned parties will be presenting and debating on the new policies.

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